Since graduating its first class in June 2012, TvF has maintained a graduation rate of 95% or higher. It has has consistently performed in the 100th percentile of all NYC public high schools in the NYC Progress Reports and TvF received a “Well Developed” on all ofits Quality Reviews (with the most recent review taking place in Spring 2014). TvF has ranked in 100% percentile for two consecutive years on the progress report! Every parent at TvF reported in the Learning Environment Survey that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the education their child is receiving at TvF, and nearly all students said that their teachers encourage them to succeed and help them understand what needs to be done to succeed. For more results, review these official reports:

Learning Environment Survey 2011-12
Learning Environment Survey 2012-13
Learning Environment Survey 2013-14

Progress Report 2011-12
Progress Report 2012-13
Progress Report 2013-2014 (not yet published)

Quality Review 2009-10
Quality Review 2013-14