Almost from our first school day in 2008, non-profits, civic groups, DOE and private schools, and local commercial businesses began calling to ask if our students could create media for their ever-growing needs in the 21st century marketplace. Increasingly, every business was finding it necessary to have a serious presence on the internet with websites containing more and more sophisticated media. We, at TvF, saw this trend as a wonderful opportunity to provide our students with outside professional experiences, earn some additional income for school projects, generally help in our greater community, and, in the future, even provide some student college support.

NEXT STEP PICTURES INC., a fully independent company wholly owned by TvF and incorporated in 2009, grew out of this experience and a belief that college and career preparation complement each other and are most effective when they involve students collaborating closely with accomplished adults on actual real-world projects. To create NSP, we assembled a group of industry and educational professionals and designed a full service video production company allowing our students a hands-on experience working in and managing a business while earning money for independent video projects and post-secondary studies.

To date, NSP has produced over 30 pieces including work for The Municipal Arts Society of New York (MAS), New Visions for Public Schools, Socrates Sculpture Park, Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe LLP., the National Dance Institute, Crossings TV Network, the East River Development Alliance, OWNC, and the New York City Department of Education, to mention a few.

NEXT STEP PICTURES INC. exists to create work experiences for TvF students in visual media production and to support the successful transition of these students into entry-level employment and post-secondary studies. In order to achieve these goals, NSP offers a range of visual media production services to clients on a fee-for-service basis. Students work alongside industry professionals receiving training and hands-on experience in all aspects of managing and working in a viable production company.

Alan Metzger, in a career of over 35 years, has worked as a camera assistant, camera operator, and director of photography before moving 'above the line' and directing over thirty network and cable movies and numerous one hour episodes. Alan is a member of IATSE Local 600 and the Directors Guild of America.
Cindy Kaplan Rooney began her career as assistant to the renowned film editor Dede Allen and the director/actor Warren Beatty on Reds before becoming an editor herself. Having cut numerous mini-series and television episodes over more than two decades, she is currently working on the sequel to ABC's acclaimed Hopkins series.
Seyl Peter Thomas, a 1999 graduate of New York University Film School, began as an intern in the cutting room but soon left to become a producer/writer/director for MTV. Specializing in pieces for music awards shows, he has produced and directed many in-house commercials as well as numerous public service announcements. In 2013, Seyi formed his own independent production company.

NEXT STEP PICTURES provides the following services at a highly competitive cost:
-Design and production of industrials, media commercials, and PSAs, as well as instructional/informational videos
-Design and production of full advertising campaigns
-Design and production of informational videos for schools’ open houses and general recruitment
-Creating logos
-Creating animated effects
-Shooting events
-Shooting interviews
-Shooting narrative sequences for websites
-Editing and finishing event footage
-Editing and finishing interview footage
-Editing and finishing narrative sequences
-Editing and finishing PSAs