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In the 9th and 10th grades, TvF students are enrolled in a sequence of introductory courses which provide them with an understanding of the history and structure of the industry, and the nature of different career paths in production. In these courses, students develop the skills to begin conceiving and realizing productions of their own.

In the 11th grade, TvF students select an area of specialization and enter a sequence of advanced courses in one of five areas: Directing & Producing, Electric, Grip & Construction, Camera & Sound, Production Design, and Post-Production. Within each of these ‘majors,’ students receive hands-on training in scores of different industry jobs through both direct instruction and advanced projects. Students from all ‘majors’ demonstrate competence and knowledge by collaborating together, in full 25 person crews, on major projects that become increasingly sophisticated as students approach graduation.

In order to ensure that all graduates are prepared for the workplace, TvF is committed to providing our students with the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals in authentic work experiences. To date, our school has provided internships to over 120 of our students in film/video organizations such as WNET, Panavision, KAS Stage Lighting, Gotham Sound, Silvercup Studios, Timberlake Studios, Cinemaworld Studios, Eclectic Props, Eastern Effect, Contesta Rock Hair, Navasync, Bronx Docs, Alien Dawn Productions, and The Good Wife.

Next Step Pictures Inc, incorporated by TvF in 2009, provides video production services on a fee-for-service basis to a range of local clients including non-profits, schools, and community businesses. These assignments are completed by students at TvF working under the guidance of production teachers and industry partners. To date, Next Step Pictures Inc. has produced over 30 pieces including work for The Municipal Arts Society of New York (MAS), New Visions for Public Schools, Socrates Sculpture Park, Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe LLP., the National Dance Institute, Crossings TV Network, the East River Development Alliance, OWNC, and the New York City Department of Education, to mention a few.

As part of our curriculum we regularly invite active industry professionals in conjunction with senior TVF educators to devise and run targeted workshops on subjects ranging from the general such as “How does a Crewmember Behave ‘Professionally,’ and “Careers in Pre and Post Production” to the specific, from  “How and Where Can I Sell My Script” and “Introducing LED Lights onto the Stage.” To “Production Breaks Down a Dance Sequence for a Shoot in Central Park.”  These workshops, open to all interested TvF students, provide exposure to cutting-edge industry practices while giving students the opportunity to personally introduce themselves and interact with future employers.

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