The academic courses at TvF are organized around the knowledge, skills, and work habits which students will need to be successful in competitive four-year universities. A particular emphasis is placed on the mastery of written and verbal communication skills.

Small Classes.

In order to ensure that students receive robust support from their teachers, the schedule is organized to ensure that an average of 26-28 students are in a typical class, and that teachers on average have academic caseloads of no more than 85 students.

Academic Support.

In addition to ensuring that teachers have classes which are small enough to provide individualized attention, TvF provides students with a range of options for additional support. Tutoring is available daily in every course and supplemental classes are offered to provide those who struggle with a particular subject area. Through highly organized systems, the school ensures that support provided to students is coordinated, focused and effective.

Academic Success.

Recognizing how important it is that students be provided with the opportunity to engage in advanced coursework and to earn college credits prior to graduation, TvF offers a range of AP and other college-credit bearing courses and post-secondary partnerships. In June 2014, TvF inducted its founding members of the National Honor Society.