[TvF] has quickly grown into one of the most popular and successful of the city’s new schools.”

- Inside Schools

Any student who lives in New York City can apply to TvF. Central to our educational vision is the belief that a public school can provide high quality education while simultaneously serving a group of students with strengths and needs as diverse as represented across New York City as a whole. For this reason, we do not "screen" applicants by interviews or auditions, and believe we can meet the needs and support the aspirations of every incoming student and family who understand our program and have an interest in what it offers. TvF's admissions process follows the "Educational Opportunity" methodology, making any 8th grader in NYC eligible to apply through an application provided by their current middle school guidance counselor. Although we are a new school, the word of our success is spreading fast. Since 2014, we had over 1,600 applicants for 135 seats. The majority of students entering our school each year rank us among their top choices on their high school application. We anticipate the applicant pool to continue to grow, and strongly encourage prospective students and their parents to attend one of our open houses.


Our open houses are a unique experience and by far the best way to understand the TvF experience. They include a thorough overview of our program, a facilities tour, and the chance to meet parents, students, faculty, and the administration. We highly encourage all interested families to attend an open house at the school, as we believe their participation will prove essential for finalizing their application and ranking decisions.

High School Application Form.

Prospective students should get a high school application from their current guidance counselor. If they feel that TvF is the best fit, list TvF as the first choice (#1) on the application. The program code for TvF is Q01A.

If you are considering applying to our school and would like to be informed of recruitment related news, please take a minute to fill out our new student interest form. For more information about TvF’s learning environment and performance to help make your decision, check out all of school data here and read a review of TvF on InsideSchools.org.