In attendance, graduation rates, college readiness, credit accumulation and performance on NYS Regents examinations, TvF students are consistently outperforming their peers at other schools and are proving that they are ready for college and careers.

TvF is a career and technical education (CTE) high school which means that students simultaneously participate in a college preparatory academic program while learning skills that are applicable to the workforce. Every student at TvF participates in both components of the program. Classes at TvF generally meet for one hour and fifteen minutes. Depending on the credits, classes will meet 3, 4 or 5 times per week. Student and teacher programs at TvF are designed to provide both highly personalized instruction and flexibility to meet the individual aspirations and needs of every student.

College And
Career Ready.

The program design at TvF rests of the belief that career preparation and traditional academic studies can complement and support each other, providing a strong foundation for success in college and the workplace. The goal of all the key stakeholders at TvF is to have students leave high school prepared for both. Scoring a 9.4 out of 10 in the College and Career Readiness metric on the most recent NYC Progress Report--and having at least a 95% graduation rate since graduating our first cohort in 2012--shows that we are consistently meeting that goal (see the data here - Learn More).


The “TvF Diploma” is a special diploma awarded to seniors who commit to projects outside of their expected requirements. Challenging students to contribute extra time and effort to their school and community through a point system, it rewards participation in internships, independent video projects, advanced scholarship, clubs, teams, or school-related events. In addition to service to the school, students are also required to volunteer their time for at least a minimum number of specified hours in an outside internship, organization, or establishment. By having seniors identify and participate in activities outside of their formal classes, the TvF diploma better prepares them for their upcoming post-secondary life by encouraging the kinds of critical thinking, community building, social skills, motivation and self-management skills that will serve them far beyond high school. Participation is generally fun, and provides a memorable culminating experience to all participating students.